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 Jack Russell Terrier/Rat Terrier Mix * Adult * Male * Small


Meet Jack, the Tug MASTER!

This young man of 7 is a tug and fetch fanatic! Anytime you are a champion sportsman, you have to be selective about your inner circle. King Jack (does that sound too much like "The Rock")? won't admit just anyone to his posse. Like other star athletes, he does need to meet people on his terms!! After a good round of fetch or tug, he's the ultimate snuggler. And watch your pillow folks - Jack often burrows into bed with you, welcome or not!! Who needs a body pillow with Jack around? LOL!


Jack would benefit from basic obedience training to boost his ego, as he could use some confidence building. He would possibly be a great candidate for Parcour, Flyball, or agility. Due to his zest for the outdoors, he will need a securely fenced yard to prevent him from going too long for the pass. He is smart and lets his foster parents know when he needs to go outside or is hungry, and will get very excited if you ask "Do you need to go outside?" or "Are you hungry"? Like many terriers, Jack views his crate as his refuge and "burrow". While housebroken in his foster home, we encourage adopters to expect any dog to require any adjustment period. Jack does need to be given limited house privileges because he gets a bit enthusiastic about squeezing the Charmin or seeing how much of a "picker upper" the Bounty is once it's shredded! If only he could be reimbursed for his quality assurance tests!

Jack is fully vetted, including micro chip which will be registered to his new family when finalizing his adoption. He is a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix. Suggested adoption donation for Jack is a minimum of $200 and goes toward the high cost of veterinary care for our rescue dogs. Wag N Train Terrier Rescue adopts only to people living in states neighboring Nebraska and requires the adopter to travel to Omaha, NE to pick up their newly adopted dog. We do not transport or fly our rescue dogs. A securely fenced yard is necessary to adopt one of our terriers. Please note: invisible or underground fencing is not considered secure or appropriate containment for terriers.


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