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Delilah is an 8 year old smooth red Dachshund who is enjoying her newfound freedom away from her past life as a breeder dog. Delilah loves being with people! She is working to perfect her house training and leash skills. She enjoys having another dog in residence, but could also be an only fur child! Delilah enjoys attention, cuddles and belly rubs. She LOVES to burrow and can often be found under a blanket in her kennel or on the couch. Delilah CAN slip out of both a collar and harness, therefore a securely fenced-in yard is a MUST for her.


Delilah “Del” here to clear up a few misconceptions about us redheads!

Myth #1: Red heads never want to be alone.

While I am an extrovert, make no mistake, I’m a huge fan of sunning myself and burrowing in my blankets (which yes, is pretty darn irrestible!). I like the other pups in my foster home, but I confess I could hog all of your love and affection too!!

Myth #2: Red heads are a handful.

I object! Yes, I came from a past where I wasn’t taught the basics. But, I’m very smart and really nailing this house training thing. We are NOT counting my ability to wiggle out of a harness. That’s finesse people!

Myth #3: Red heads are standoffish.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am a super snuggler and incredibly devoted. Due to my petite physique, I need a home with older kids or no kids.

Myth #4: Red heads have a fiery temper to match their hair.

I confess to enjoying a good squirrel chase, but it’s all in fun. I don’t REALLY think I’m going to catch them!

WINK, NUDGE: Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be viewed as feisty, it helps to keep both the humans and other fur kids in line. LOL!

I am 8 years old. Adoption applications are available at www.wagntrainterrierrescue.com


Suggested adoption donation for Delilah is a minimum of $200 and goes toward the high cost of veterinary care for our rescue dogs. Wag N Train Terrier Rescue adopts only to people living in states neighboring Nebraska and requires the adopter to travel to Omaha, NE to pick up their newly adopted dog. We do not transport or fly our rescue dogs. A securely fenced yard is necessary to adopt one of our terriers. Please note: invisible or underground fencing is not considered secure or appropriate containment for terriers.

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