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Mr. Henry is a very happy 4 year-old Westie. He is really loving his freedom since being released by a commercial breeder. His tail is always wagging and he LOVES toys! Henry is starting to enjoy hugs and kisses from his foster parents. He will even lay his head on their shoulders to love back. Henry is working on the whole potty training thing, it's a new concept for him. Henry loves to be wherever you are. His terrier curiosity is coming out and it's adorable! He also loves his foster sister and brother. Henry will need a home with a resident dog, no children under the age of 8, and a fully fenced yard.

Suggested adoption donation for Henry is a minimum of $400 and goes toward the high cost of veterinary care for our rescue dogs. Wag N Train Terrier Rescue adopts only to people living in states neighboring Nebraska and requires the adopter to travel to Omaha, NE to pick up their newly adopted dog. We do not transport or fly our rescue dogs. A securely fenced yard is necessary to adopt one of our terriers. Please note: invisible or underground fencing is not considered secure or appropriate containment for terriers.

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