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Meet Hercules

Hercules was SUPPOSED to be a chiweenie. But he kept growing. And growing. And growing. At about 2 yrs old he is now almost 32 lbs. (And yes, he needs to lose a few!) He really doesn't look much like a chi or a weenie, so we're not too sure what Hercules is, but he ended up in a small shelter where no one was giving him a second look. Or even a first look for that matter.

We don't know why, because Hercules is really one of the sweetest dogs we've met. He's a love and he has the greatest smile. Unfortunately, we can tell Hercules has been abused in his past. He's such a sweet boy, but he's going to need a kind, calm, patient home willing to take the time to work with Hercules to build his trust and confidence. Due to his past history of abuse, absolutely no kids in his forever home.
Hercules will do best as an only dog.  He gets along with other dogs his size, but they can make him nervous.  He does not do well with large dogs and gets upset and aggressive around them.  We believe he has been attacked by larger dogs as he has some serious scars on his hind leg.  He is much more calm and relaxed when no other dogs are around and he is the center of attention.
Hercules is potty trained (but does mark when he first moves in, so there will be an adjustment period), is crate trained and he waits politely to be invited up on the furniture. He does get really excited when it comes to people and jumps up on them. His foster thinks he has springs in his feet as he can jump quite high when excited. Hercules has a lot of energy and can run pretty darn fast for a guy carrying extra weight. Since he is a "runner" Hercules will need a securely fenced yard.
A basic reward based training class is a must for Hercules as it would help him focus, build confidence and learn not to jump up on people. Hercules' forever home will have no kids, a fenced yard and no other dogs. He will need someone patient, loving and understanding that will help him get past his previous life of abuse and someone that can help him work off his energy and a few pounds in the process.  He will repay you in unconditional love.

Suggested adoption donation for Hercules is a minimum of $250 and goes toward the high cost of veterinary care for our rescue dogs. Wag N Train Terrier Rescue adopts to other geographical areas as long as we can find a local volunteer to perform the courtesy home visit, and requires the adopter to travel to Omaha, NE to pick up their newly adopted dog. We do not arrange transport, or fly our rescue dogs without a "pet nanny". A securely fenced yard is necessary to adopt one of our terriers. Please note: invisible or underground fencing is not considered secure or appropriate containment for terriers.

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