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Meet Maddie

Maddie is fostered and available for adoption in Longmont, CO. Please do not apply if you are unable to arrange transportation for Maddie outside of NE.

Maddie is a 1.5 years old female Westie from a commercial breeding facility. She is high energy and doing well with her leash training so get ready for lots of walks and exploring with Maddie. She is smart and has learned how to go in the puppy door and up four steps to the kitchen, however going down the four steps is still a little scary for her. She wants to learn and to please her people.

Maddie is also learning how to wait her turn for a treat with the other resident dogs, although she would like to hog all the treats for herself. She has indicated she likes to be the star of the show so a home where she is the only resident dog would be the best fit for her. She is still a bit skittish around loud noises. Her potty training is about halfway there. She does well going outside first thing in the morning, last thing at night and right after meals. She still has the occasional ‘accident’ but is good about finding a puppy pad. This smart and pretty little girl would make a wonderful addition for a calm and loving family. Please apply to adopt Maddie today!

Suggested adoption donation for Maddie is a minimum of $400 and goes toward the high cost of veterinary care for our rescue dogs. Wag N Train Terrier Rescue adopts to other geographical areas as long as we can find a local volunteer to perform the courtesy home visit, and requires the adopter to travel to Longmont, CO to pick up their newly adopted dog. We do not arrange transport, or fly our rescue dogs without a "pet nanny". A securely fenced yard is necessary to adopt one of our terriers. Please note: invisible or underground fencing is not considered secure or appropriate containment for terriers.

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