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image5911Terriers were bred to hunt and kill predatory animals that would raid and cause destruction to a farmer's crops or livestock. Hunting rats, mice or foxes requires an energetic, tenacious, brave and quick dog. 

The terrier ability to dig up underground dens and burrows and "go to ground" while barking noisily to frighten out the inhabitants is widely known. Their very name comes from the Latin terra meaning earth - a reference to their love of digging. While many terriers no longer exhibit this instinct, some do not easily forego the talents for which they were bred. Don't be surprised if a terrier digs holes in the back yard or under fences.

Terriers can be very territorial, protecting their property and pack members with ferocity. They are also accomplished escape artists so owning a terrier requires a securely fenced yard.

Terriers have been viewed for centuries as a true asset to their owners. Because of their bred purpose, some terriers can be "yappy" and very independent, seeming to ignore commands. They do not obey, they simply "agree to agree" when driven by a strong sense of loyalty.

In general, the terrier can be small to medium in size and are often described as fiery or feisty. Even the smallest terriers are ready to take on opponents, big or small, as is their nature.

With proper training and socialization along with a thorough understanding of the terrier mind, a terrier can be the most loyal, loving, caring and adorable pet a family could wish for.

Wag N Train specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of terriers and terrier mixes, and happily accepts other small dog breeds.

Contact us for more information on our intake policy.

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